Erik Voorhees of does an amazing summary of the hack against his company that happened a few weeks ago.  It’s a must read with lots of infosec lessons.

We learned some of our own vulnerabilities, and our own mistakes. We are correcting them, and improving upon them wherever possible.

Unfortunately they learned these lessons the hard way, as startups often do, 3rd party infosec professionals early in their development could have helped in some of the circumstances but they do deserve a lot of credit in protecting their customers:

…no customers lost money throughout multiple hacks orchestrated even by an insider. Through decentralization, through code, through innovation, through structure… consumer protection by design is one of this industry’s most important contributions to society – something that a century of legacy banking has failed to achieve, as noted by Satoshi’s infamous line in the Genesis Block.

Take the plunge down this gut wrenching episode and tell us what you think.

Looting the Fox Triple Hack
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